Corporate Profile

Ocean Agro is excited to announce the incorporation and start of its wholly owned subsidiary in the USA, Ocean Agro LLC. The LLC is registered in Delaware and will be led by Dr. Ramanbhai Naranbhai Patel (Raman Patel), a current director of Ocean Agro. The company is based out of California and will concentrate on selling our reputed products throughout the U.S.

Since 1971, Ocean Agro (India) Limited has been working in the field of Agro Products, Plastics, Packaging Materials, and irrigation equipments such as Drip and Sprinkler Systems.

We transformed ourselves into corporate body in 1990. We are world leader in Bio-Technology, Bio-Fertilizer, Bio-Pesticides, Bio-Fungicides. We have introduced neem products since 1987. We are listed company with Bombay Stock Exchange and Ahmedabad Stock Exchange, and have multi-location manufacturing sites in Nandeshari near Baroda. Our marketing setup is operative in 12 states currently and we have 150 dedicated experts serving our network of 3000 dealers.

We are largest indigenious producer of special LDPE valve type Polymer Bags, Polybutadiene Rubber Films, Co-extruded Films and other packaging materials for which its major customers are Indian Petrochemicals Limited., Reliance Industries Limited., ICI., and Hardillia. Ocean Agro (India) Limited produces wide range of Agro Inputs such as Organic Fertilizers, Bio Fertilizers, Organic Pesticides, Organic Fungicides, Bio Fungicides, Viricides and organic plant growth hormones. All of our products are residue free and Eco Friendly.