About Us

Ocean Agro was founded in Vadodara, Gujarat and brings high quality agricultural inputs for farmers across India and now the world. Founded as a private company in the 1970s, which became a publically traded company in 1994, we have always maintained a vision of being the leader in providing products that are environmentally sustainable and work in conjuncture with nature to help farmers be the best stewards of their lands.
We have a dedicated team of scientists and engineers whose passion is to create products inspired from nature that can help farmers to grow better crops while using less chemical fertilizers. Our goal is to help reduce pesticide and chemical fertilize use while improving yields and quality of crops for a healthy tomorrow.
The growing demand for food and well-being on the part of the world's population requires an effective response. Relying on a return to nature is not a realistic alternative because it does not suffice to meet global needs.
On the other hand, excessive use of chemical products implies a non-sustainable choice in the long term from the environmental point of view.

Environment Friendly Products, Dedicated Team & Long History of Serving Indian farmers

We at Ocean Agro (India) Limited provides a wide range of high-quality agricultural organic products that boost and empower farm yields. It’s more like strengthening the agricultural sector, and giving great values to farmers. We believe in serving Quality agro-inputs across India.
Organic Products
Our agro-inputs help farmers to protect their produce from insects and pests.
Bio Fertilizer
We provide quality agro-products that sustain farming.
Crop Protection
The products we offer, increase production and improve soil fertility.
Decerese Crop Disease
High-quality and genuine organic products improve crop productivity, and reduce the cost of production

Conservation of natural resources, and also promoting food security

We never compromise with the quality of our organic products, resulting in high-quality produce for farmers.
High Yield
Not only our products promote root growth, but also provide favorable conditions to roots to breath and water for effective farming and yield.
Eco-friendly (Chemical Free)
Since our products are Eco-friendly, it means there are greater environmental benefits at large.
For farmers, it won’t be that tough to invest in quality agro-products to organize sustainable agro-management and farming.